Helping Your Family or Friend With Hearing Loss

Communicating with family and friends with hearing loss can be made easier. We can help.

Hearing impaired people are often frustrated by their hearing loss, as well as their hearing aids.   Unfortunately, just because someone has great hearing aids, doesnt mean their hearing is ‘back to normal’.  Family and friends can find it annoying having to repeat themselves, or finding that the TV is set too loud. Here are some tips on how you can best support your hearing impaired loved ones:

Seek Professional Advice

Encourage your family member or friend to seek independent, professional advice. Ask for an audiologist who is university trained and not aligned to a hearing aid company when seeking an appointment.

Attend Appointment with Them

Offer to attend the appointment with your family member or friend. Having a supportive person greatly helps the hearing impaired person absorb information and make decisions about a hearing solution that is best for them. You will also be able to ask questions about what to expect from your loved one and their hearing, and gain advice on how you can help make communication easier too.


First Gain Their Attention

When talking to a hearing impaired person, try to gain their attention first by saying their name, facing them or gently tapping them on the shoulder.

Speak Clearly, at a regular volume and pace.

Try to speak clearly and if you are a fast talker, just take it a little slower than usual. Speaking louder often doesn’t help as it can just increase the distortion the hearing impaired person experiences. Check for understanding if it is important information, to ensure you are both on the same page.


Voice Direction

Always try to be in the same room and face the person you are talking to. This ensures that your voice travels directly to the listener’s ear. If your voice cannot travel directly to the listener, it can get distorted as the sound waves bounce off walls and mix with other sounds. This also allows the person to use visual cues to support their hearing.  Never talk into someones ear.


Ask Your Audiologist

Talk to your audiologist about how to use communication strategies to assist with harmonious relationships. Remember that communication is a two-way street!

Communication tips for helping someone with healing loss
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