If you go to put your hearing aid in, and find it is not working, there are a few things you can do first to try to work out what the problem is.

  • Is the battery flat? Try changing the battery. Sometimes it can be as simple as a dead or dodgy battery, and replacing it will sort out the problem. If you wear rechargeable hearing aids place them in the charger (connected to power if required) and check if they light up. If a red or orange light comes on this means they are charging, if the light is solid green this means they are fully charged (this may differ depending on the brand of hearing aid).
  • Is the tube blocked, kinked or damaged? If you have a behind the ear style hearing aid, check to make sure the tube that goes from the hearing aid behind your ear, into your ear, is not blocked with wax, kinked or split. If this is the case the tube will need replacing. If you are not sure how to do this ask your audiologist.
  • Is the wax filter blocked? Try changing the wax filter in the hearing aid. This filter is there to stop wax getting inside the hearing aid, however sometimes it can become blocked itself and needs replacing. Not all hearing aid have wax filters, so if you are not sure ask your audiologist.

If you have tried all of the above, and the hearing aid is still not working, bring it in to your audiologist. If you have a charger for your hearing aids bring this as well. Sometimes the hearing aid might need certain parts replaced and this can be done by your audiologist. Other times the hearing aid might need to be sent away to the manufacturer for a clean and service.

The other important reason to see the audiologist if you cannot troubleshoot the problem yourself is the problem may not be the hearing aid, it could be your hearing! If there is a blockage such as wax occlusion or your hearing has changed, this will effect how you hear with the hearing aid. Therefore if you cannot work out the issue it is important to see your audiologist.

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