Bindya Debonn

BSc(Hons), MSc(Hons), MClinAud, AAudA

Bindya was raised in a family where several members worked within the healthcare industry which developed a strong desire to help people in need. From a young age she has found a deep sense of fulfilment in making a positive impact on others. Although she always knew she wanted to work in healthcare, it was Audiology that captured her interest especially after observing how a relative’s quality of life dramatically improved with the uptake of hearing aids. During her time pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne, she had the chance to participate in a hearing health outreach program to Malawi. The experience of witnessing the joy and satisfaction on people’s faces when they could hear again, whether through hearing aids or a simple wax removal, reaffirmed her passion for delivering hearing services.

Besides working overseas, Bindya worked approximately 7 years as a claims manager in the Worker’s Compensation industry in Melbourne. To pursue her desire to practice clinically, she then undertook the Master of Clinical Audiology at The University of Melbourne before being a part of the Knox Audiology team.

As an audiologist Bindya likes that she gets to engage with individuals of all ages, both children and adults and foster meaningful connections with her patients besides managing their hearing and communication challenges.

In her spare times Bindya enjoys travelling, watching spy movies and historical documentaries, and mentoring young lives.

Bindya Debonn - Audiologist
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