Hearing Protection

Protect Your Ears!

Protecting your ears is important to minimise damage and keep your hearing for as long as possible. Once you have lost your hearing it can never be recovered!

One of the most important things you can do to protect your hearing is to minimise your exposure to loud noise whenever possible – in the workplace, at home or in a social environment. There are noise regulations and protective equipment to protect your hearing in the workplace – no worker should be exposed to noise levels of 85dBA for more than eight hours at a time, and less for louder noises.

Listening to loud music through earphones at a consistently high level for long periods of time can also damage your hearing. Regular breaks and keeping the volume to a moderate level is important to maintain the health of your ear.

Often, ringing in your ears is a warning that your hearing may be damaged or alternatively you may find it difficult to hear certain sounds.


Hearing Protection Aids

Knox Audiology can supply a range of hearing protection aids that will assist in protecting your hearing.  These include:

  • Musician’s Ear Plugs – custom moulded sound reducing ear plugs. Premium hearing protection. Reduce sound to a safe level without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Swimming Ear Plugs – Filling of pre-moulded Doc’s plugs or custom ear plugs, waterproofing for children / adults with tympanic membrane perforations or ventilation tubes.
  • Noise Reduction Ear Plugs – custom fit for superior reduction of noise levels perfect for musicians or those working in loud / noisy environments.

Additionally, cleaning your ears with cotton buds, hair clips or any other object can cause injury to the ear.  Your earns have a wonderful self-cleaning system which helps to clear ear wax.  If you are concerned about wax build up speak to your medical practitioner for a referral to one of our ENT specialists or hearing practitioner.

If you have any concerns about your hearing or require additional information please contact us.

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