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Do you require hearing assessments for your staff?

As an employer, Worksafe requires you to provide hearing assessments for employees starting any work that requires hearing protection. As well as this, a hearing assessment should be completed at least every two years or when reasonably requested by a...

Is smoking bad for my hearing?

Yes, recent research has suggested that smokers are more susceptible to hearing loss than non-smokers. The prevalence of the hearing loss in smokers is directly proportional to the years of smoking and history of noise exposure. Smoking affects your...

Hearing aids and Smartphones

Did you know many recent hearing aids have the ability to connect directly to your iPhone?! This means you can stream phone calls and music directly to your hearing aids free of extra devices or cables.Don’t have an iPhone? Or do you already have hearing...

How can you tell if you might have hearing loss?

As we get older our hearing generally will decrease gradually. As a result of this gradual decline we may not realise we are missing sounds, and not even realise that we have any hearing loss! So how can you tell if you might have hearing loss? Are you...

Amplification Options for Single Sided Deafness

Article by Jane Louey BSc(Hons), MClinAud, MAudA(CCP) Guest Speaker at VIC Meeting 16th June 2018 It is easy to underestimate the challenges associated with single sided deafness, more technically known as unilateral hearing loss. particularly if one ear...

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