Hearing Loss in Children

Addressing hearing loss is of particular importance in the earlier years of a child’s life, as any difficulties can lead to problems with a child’s social skills, development and academic performance. At Knox Audiology, our experienced paediatric audiologists will ensure accurate results and optimal care for those children affected by hearing loss.

Hearing Loss in Newborns and Babies

The first few years of a child’s life are critical to their development.  If a newborn or baby suffers a hearing loss it can negatively impact on their performance later on during school years.  Nowadays, it is common for a newborn to undergo a hearing test before leaving hospital.  If a follow up is recommended, Knox Audiology can help.  Early detection is of vital importance to ensure your child has the best possible chance as they grow and develop.

Hearing Loss in Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

Monitoring hearing levels while speech is being learned can ensure a child starts school ready and able to communicate, develop and learn.  Middle ear infections are common at this age, and as children are learning through the imitation of sounds they hear, any reduction in sound, as happens when ears get infected, can impact on their speech and language development.

Hearing Loss in School Age Children

Academic and communication difficulties will ineveitably arise when a child has even minimal hearing loss during their school years.  It is important to periodically check your childs hearing to ensure their hearing does not negatively impact on their learning.

Hearing loss in children - girl at school


There are a range of solutions for children who experience hearing loss.  Knox Audiology provides top of the range wireless technology and FM systems to ensure each child has the best possible opportunity to excel both in and out of the classroom.

Children struggling to hear in class may benefit from a wireless amplification system.  The teacher’s voice is picked up by a small microphone and transferred either directly to the child, ensuring they can hear clearly and understand accordingly, or via a speaker which benefits the whole classroom.

Diagnostic Hearing Assessments

Knox Audiology’s specialised paediatric audiologists provide a professional, comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment. These assessments are rebatable through Medicare with a GP referral. Our assessments ensure any difficulties with hearing are detected as quickly as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken to allow the child to hear at their best.  When middle ear complications arise, we work in conjunction with your medical team, continuing to monitor hearing levels, ensuring that the medical treatment has been effective and hearing abilities are restored.

We also offer specialised auditory processing assessments for children aged 6-12 years.

To book a hearing test or auditory processing assessment for your child, please phone 03 9800 5697.

Hearing Loss Solutions
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