Vertigo Balance Physiotherapist

Feeling Dizzy or Unbalanced?

You may have vertigo – a problem with your Vestibular System.

Vertigo is a sense of your environment spinning around you, with no real movement occurring, and may be accompanied by nausea and loss of balance. Vertigo is a common health problem affecting all ages and up to four in ten people will experience it over their lifetime. It is generally caused by a problem in the balance, or Vestibular system of the inner ear.

At Knox Audiology, our audiologists can assess all balance disorders, and our specially trained physiotherapist offers treatment to help relieve the symptoms of vertigo and loss of balance.

Sue Hyland

Sue Hyland at Knox Audiology Clinic is a specially trained Physiotherapist who treats people with symptoms of vertigo and loss of balance.

Sue is experienced in falls, balance therapy and vestibular rehabilitation. She will assess you thoroughly and then tailor a program for you to improve the reversible factors contributing to your balance problems.

Read and/or download this Off Balance Pamphlet

Sue Hyland Vertigo Balance Physiotherapist
Sue Hyland – Vertigo Balance Physiotherapist
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