Hearing Loss and Wellbeing

A healthy body equals healthier hearing!

Prevention could not be more important.  The RACGP (our peak Australian Medical Body) recommends a hearing test every 1 – 2 years for everyone over 65 years of age.

Some healthy lifestyle changes and a bit more conscientiousness about loud noise exposure can save your precious hearing from unnecessary damage.

family walking for wellbeing - improves risk of hearing loss

Cardiovascular disease and hearing loss

There is an added incentive to looking after your heart.   Hearing loss has been shown to occurr 54% more often in patients with cardiovascular disease than in the general population (Life Sounds Good Advanced Audiology concepts Ohio).

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy eating can help guard against cardiovascular disease, but also hearing loss!

grandmother with grandaughter - hearing wellbeing

Noise exposure – MP3 & iPods etc

We are often unaware that every day sounds have the ability to damage our hearing when we are repeatedly exposed to them for lengthy periods of time.

Over 90 per cent of young people in Australia use MP3 players and are listening to music for twice as long as teens of previous generations, and at higher volumes. Unfortunately, they tend to underestimate how much noise they are exposing themselves to, and in turn, underestimate the damage being done. A recent Australian study proved that there was a 70 per cent increased risk of hearing loss associated with the use of headphones. So pop a volume limit on your iPod to ensure you don’t harm your ears!

headphone contribition to hearing loss

Workplace Moderate Noise

Also, try to avoid moderate and loud noises in the workplace.  If you are around moderately loud machinery or even loud musical instruments, you should be wearing hearing protection.  Knox Audiology has a range of hearing protection solutions for every lifestyle.

Remember, it’s easy to make positive changes to help your hearing, so get started today!

Call Knox Audiology today to make an appointment with one of our audiologists.  We are here to help you stay connected to your world.

musicians need to protect hearing
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