Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are for better hearing and better living! There’s something just right for you.
Wearing hearing aids allow you to enjoy your friends company at dinner

Hearing Aids for Better Hearing

Hearing loss affects one in six Australians. Research shows that a person with hearing loss waits, on average, 7-9 years before consulting a hearing professional.  Hearing loss typically progresses gradually.

Hearing loss can have a significant impact on your independence, participation in the community and the ability to communicate with family and friends. In fact, hearing loss doesn’t only affect you; it affects your children, grandchildren and others. The sooner hearing help is sought, the sooner improved quality of life and better communication is possible.

Latest International Digital Technology

Hearing aids are a masterpiece of technology that help overcome communication barriers due to hearing loss. They allow you to significantly enhance your quality of life.

Hearing Aid technology rapidly advances, much like phones or computers that have major updates every four to five years. Many now connect into other devices like phones, to boost their performance and useability.

At Knox Audiology our university trained Audiologists, ENT Specialists and other specialists will be able to skillfully assess your needs. They will give you expert recommendations on what type of hearing aid or device will be best suited to you.

How will Hearing Aids Improve My Life?

Some of the benefits of hearing aids include:

  • Improved relationships
  • Hearing your passengers better while driving in the car
  • Increased confidence at parties and other social gatherings
  • Clearly understanding and hearing your favourite TV show
  • Hearing your peers when playing or watching sports
  • Hearing clarity on landline and mobile phones
  • Better enjoyment of music
  • Certainty and confidence in understanding conversations when in small groups
  • Enhanced emotional stability
  • Greater earning power
  • Improve general health status
  • Brighter attitude
  • Greater participation and understanding in lectures, work meetings and seminars
  • Greater participation and understanding in the classroom
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