Free hearing services?

Enjoy fullly subsidised Hearing Services through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program

Struggling to Hear? Help is here!

It doesn’t get better than this!  Eligible Pensioners and veterans recieve fully subsidised hearing services through the Hearing Services (HSP) program.

What exactly does that cover?

  • A complete hearing health assessment by one of our university qualified audiologists, in a sound proof environment to ensure accurate results.
  • If medically required, hearing aid technology is available also fully subsidised, or you can use your subsidy towards alternative technology that your audiologist can discuss with you.
  • All the follow up service you need to ensure a successful outcome for you.

To enquire if you are eligible for this government subsidy, please contact our office and we can check on your behalf, and get you on your way to better hearing.

You can trust our medically supported team of Audiologists

Other rebates available

If you don’t qualify for an Australian Government Pension then we can discuss what options are available to you in your price range.  Due to our clinic being supported by ENT doctors, our patients with a medical referral can receive Medicare rebates for most of our services.

In Your Own Home!

Have a hearing test in the comfort of your own home!

If you have difficulty travelling, why not consider our Home Visit service. We may be able to attend your nursing home if you are unable to travel.

More than just a hearing aid

Our university qualified team can discuss all aspects of audiology that concern you, and are dedicated to empowering you with the information that keeps you in control of your hearing solution.  We can offer information on how your ear works, how your hearing has been damaged, how to read an audiogram, features and benefits of hearing aids, other listening devices such as TV headphones and FM systems. We can provide counselling to reduce the strain of tinnitus, and practical guidance on strategies for you to help make others easier to hear.  We are here to support you to get your hearing performing how it should.

Who should attend a hearing test appointment?

It is important that a partner, family member or close family friend also comes to your first appointment. Not only will they provide an extra pair of ears to help understand your results, but they too can learn how to better communicate with you and maintain important connections.