World Hearing Day March 2024 

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Every year on March 3rd, World Hearing Day is held globally to raise awareness about ear and hearing care. This day each year provides an opportunity to educate individuals around the world on how to prevent hearing loss, use ear protection effectively and care for their ears. On this day each year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) decides a theme to raise awareness across countries, organisations, and for individuals. This year, World Hearing Day is focused on overcoming the challenges caused by misperceptions and stigmatising mindsets in society regarding hearing loss. Through sharing information and raising awareness, WHO aims to target the public and health care providers in understanding hearing loss.

Across the world, 80% of ear and hearing care needs are not met. Just in Australia, there are 4 million people living with hearing loss. This number is estimated to increase to approximately 9 million by the year 2050. Misperceptions and stigmatisation deeply ingrained in society are key factors that prevent individuals from appropriately addressing their hearing loss. This year, WHO aims to shift mindsets related to hearing and ear care to increase access to hearing care professionals. In doing this, WHO also aims to reduce the global cost of unaddressed hearing loss. It is estimated that untreated hearing loss incurs an annual cost of $980 billion worldwide. This financial burden results from the adverse effects of untreated hearing loss, including diminished workplace productivity, heightened healthcare expenditures, and the economic strain of disability-related expenses. These factors collectively contribute to a substantial economic impact on individuals and societies globally.

The key to reducing stigma around hearing loss is education. Hearing loss is a completely natural component of the human experience, especially as we age. Unfortunately, over time, stigma and negative connotations have surrounded hearing loss. These connotations have caused many people who have hearing loss, to not seek the support and treatment they require. However, avoiding treatment for hearing loss puts your mental and physical health at risk. When hearing loss is left untreated, it can lead to social disengagement, isolation, and depression.

Hearing is pivotal for communication, social engagement, quality of life, health, and wellbeing. Hearing loss can occur at any stage life and many causes of hearing loss can be preventable. For example, in children, 60% of hearing loss can be prevented through public health strategies. Adults and children can benefit from regular hearing checks and appropriate interventions if needed.

If you have been avoiding a hearing test, you are not alone. Research has shown that only one in seven people with hearing loss are using a hearing aid. However, treating hearing loss is crucial to your current and future health and wellbeing. Instead of ignoring your hearing concerns and letting it strain relationships while you miss out on the world around you, do your part to reverse the stigma. Find an audiologist near you, like Knox Audiology to have a comprehensive hearing test and encourage others to do the same.

World Hearing Day is the greatest global awareness campaign focused on ear and hearing care. Use March 3rd as the ideal opportunity to book in for your next hearing test and start the conversation to motivate others around you to book in for theirs as well.

At Knox Audiology, we take pride in our team of university qualified and experienced audiologists, who are committed to providing trusted, friendly, and professional hearing services, catering to all your unique hearing needs. Our comprehensive and diagnostic hearing tests are designed to understand and address your specific concerns, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

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