b1g1 shake_the_world_mainWe’re proud sponsors of the Shake the World App – an App that changes your life and saves many others too.

How?  The App reminds you to drink water regularly during the day.  And whenever you drink, you can give life-saving water to someone in need in Ethiopia – just by shaking your phone!

You can even give water with people in your network.  Just have them enter your unique Friendship ID into their phone – and someone will have access to clean water today just because you connected.

It’s totally free for you too.  That’s because the giving has been paid for by a group of Buy1GIVE1 Partners – businesses (like us) that join B1G1 to embed giving into their everyday activities.

In face, Shake the World is just one of the meany measurable and profoundly impactful ways Knox Audiology has been giving back through B1G1.  And it’s a real privilege to have been able to do that.

Now, we want to invite you to be part of the giving too.  So get the App, get drinking and get shaking!

Shake the World is now available on the App Store and in Google Play.  Find out more at www.shaketheworld.me and www.b1g1.com.

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