b1g1 helen_campbell_speech_mainWhen Knox Audiology’s own Helen Campbell spoke to a business group recently, she talked about how each of us carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for the better with B1G1 as an example of that wonderful phenomenon at work demonstrating a significant ‘ripple effect’.

“The impact we have on the world is greater than we could ever imagine” Helen told over 200 participants “and the choices we make every day have far-reaching consequences.  The ripple effect can be used to make a positive difference and spread waves of kindness that will flow over the world.”

Helen also talked about her experiences with her husband, Guy, on the B1G1 Study Tour of Cambodia earlier this year, where they had the opportunity to see some of those positive ripples created by Knox Audiology and their customers. It’s called ‘doing business for good’.

“At Knox Audiology we’re passionate about helping our patients hear brilliantly – so much so that together we help the world to hear as well,” Helen said. “Every hearing consultation we do leads to better hearing AND makes a difference in our world through B1G1 global giving.”

“Imagine how great we feel every time we help someone hear better with a hearing aid AND a goat is automatically provided to a family in Kenya to provide income, milk and food! One hundred percent of contributions made by B1G1 businesses like us are passed directly to B1G1 projects.

And of course we measure and get excited about the number of goats — NOT the number patients”

“We like keeping people connected,” she told us, “hearing really keep us all connected to our community, automatically sending ripples around our world through our partner in the Global Giving Initiative Buy1GIVE1. After all, done properly, running a business with a social conscience helps us to express our ‘soul’ purpose!”

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