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At Knox Audiology, we’re passionate about you hearing brilliantly – so much so that together we help the world to hear as well. Every hearing consultation we do leads to better hearing and makes a difference in our world through B1G1 global giving.

B1G1, Business for Good is run by a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world that’s full of giving. They take nothing from the contributions, nor do they receive funds from charities. 100% of contributions made by B1G1 businesses like Knox Audiology are passed directly to the Worthy Cause organisation through B1G1 Giving.

Knox Audiology is proud to be an active supporter of B1G1 (Business for Good), an incredible initiative that harnesses the power of businesses to create positive social impact around the world. At Knox Audiology, we firmly believe in the importance of giving back and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. By partnering with B1G1, we have integrated a giving model into our business operations, ensuring that with every client interaction, we contribute towards a worthy cause. Whether it’s providing hearing aids to those in need, supporting hearing health education programs, or empowering individuals with access to audiology services in underserved communities, Knox Audiology is committed to creating a world where everyone has equal opportunities for better hearing. With B1G1’s extensive network of carefully vetted projects, we are able to make a tangible impact, knowing that our contributions are going towards projects that align with our values and have a meaningful and sustainable effect.

Throughout the years, the team at B1G1 have taken part in study tours across the globe. These study tours allow B1G1 businesses to witness first-hand the positive impacts their organisation has made. From walking through a mobile eye operating theater and witnessing hundreds of people have their sight restored to tackling India’s biggest social issues, hunger and illiteracy. The best way to capture it is not through words and pictures but through words and pictures of those who experienced the elation and inspiration of simply ‘being there’.

There are currently more than 400 high-impact projects in B1G1 and over the years Knox Audiology have made a total of over 450,000 individual impacts to date and in the last quarter alone, created 3,942 impacts. To break that down, we’ve given 3,000 days of access to life-saving clean water, 792 days of education support and provided 90 days of education. All things many of us can take for granted daily, here in Australia.

Collectively, B1G1 businesses have already created over 300 million giving impacts, from planting hundreds of thousands of trees and providing millions of days of access to life-changing opportunities. With over 6 million of those created just last quarter!

Whenever you buy something from us, we give something to someone in need.  Every time we do a hearing test, something great happens. The concept might be simple, but the results can be life changing. With every hearing aid, we create smiles of giving around the world.
“What if instead of doing something big in the future, we did something small every day, now?”, Masami Sato, Founder & CEO of B1G1.

To learn more about Knox Audiology’s impact or the life changing differences B1G1 is making click here.

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