It may be that your child has Spatial Processing Disorder (SPD). Children with SPD find it difficult to listen in background noise, for example in a noisy classroom. It might seem like your child has a hearing loss, or as though they are ignoring you.

So, what is Spatial Processing Disorder (SPD)?

Spatial Processing Disorder (SPD) falls into the category of Auditory Processing.
SPD can be diagnosed by an audiologist via the use of the LiSN-S (Listening in Spatialised Noise Sentences assessment) developed by NAL. It creates a 3D situation to assess a child’s ability to use spatial cues in a noisy situation. At Knox Audiology this can be done as a standalone assessment or as part of a Central Auditory Processing Assessment.

We at Knox Audiology can help your child if they have SPD. The Sound Storm app, available for purchase via the iTunes app store, has been developed in conjunction with the LiSN-S. The aim of Sound Storm is to build a child’s ability to listen in the presence of competing background noise and to help improve their performance in the classroom. The program is suitable for children aged 6-12 years and is completed over a period of approximately 3 months. Following completion of the Sound Storm app the LISN-S a child is reassessed.

For more information regarding SPD, the LISN-S or the sound Storm app and the current research please visit or give us a call to book an appointment 9839 3350

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