Amplification Options for Single Sided Deafness

Aug 20, 2018Health News

Article by Jane Louey
BSc(Hons), MClinAud, MAudA(CCP)
Guest Speaker at VIC Meeting 16th June 2018

It is easy to underestimate the challenges associated with single sided deafness, more technically known as unilateral hearing loss. particularly if one ear still has normal hearing. Aside from the obvious challenge of being unable to hear sound on the side with the hearing loss, the main challenges experienced with asymmetrical hearing loss include sound localisation and hearing conversation in background noise.

Sound Localisation

Sound localisation is the ability to tell which direction a sound is coming from. The brain relies on information coming from both ears to work out where a sound is in the horizontal plane. For example, if somebody is speaking to you on your left side, their voice will be louder in your left ear than your right ear. Your left ear will also hear their voice a fraction faster than your right ear will. This is because the head becomes a physical barrier that sound has to travel around to get to the other ear…

Read full article by Jane Louey in ANAA Newsletter – July 2018

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