Most people are aware of hearing aids to assist with hearing impairment, however there are many other options that can be used alone or in conjunction with hearing aids to help you hear in everyday situations. These include;

Personal Amplifiers
These devices can be hand held, worn around the neck or clipped on to your shirt/belt. The device works as a speech amplifier to help clarify speech in tricky listening situations. These are great for watching TV, one on one conversation, and for small gatherings.

TV devices
When turning the TV up loud is not an option, there are a few devices that can help! Some devices can be worn around the neck and work in conjunction with your hearing aids, to stream the TV signal directly to the aids. Another option are headphones which amplify the television without the need for hearing aids.

Amplified phones
Phones that will amplify the callers voice, more than the average phone.

Alerting devices
Being aware of calls or alerts around the home is difficult when you cannot hear them. There are many devices that can help with everyday things such as an alarm to wake up or someone at the door. Bed shakers, flashing lights and pagers are available to work in conjunction with devices such as alarm clocks, door bells, smoke detectors and baby monitors.

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