Teleaudiology Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 22, 2020Health News

What are Teleaudiology consultations?

Essentially Teleaudiology consultations are a form of online consultation that allows patients to have hearing aid adjustments without any direct physical contact. Not only this, but Teleaudiology provides an alternative for people who are overseas, home-bound or unable to make it to the clinic for any reason.

Teleaudiology consultations can be done from the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you.

Are there any circumstances that can’t be fixed through Teleaudiology?

Teleaudiology allows us to adjust your hearings aids with no direct contact.

This means we can make changes to your hearing aids whilst you are at home, and we are in the clinic. However, this service can only be conducted with the appropriate hearing aids that are capable of connecting to your mobile device and can connect to the internet.

If something is physically wrong with the hearing aid, such as a tube is blocked with wax, broken or kinked, we cannot fix this through Teleaudiology. But what we can do is we can teach YOU how to fix these things for yourself. If we believe the issues may be directly related to changes to your hearing, or if we cannot fix issues without physically seeing the hearing aid, we will require you to come into the clinic.

We unfortunately cannot assess hearing via a Teleaudiology consult.

What happens in a Teleaudiology consult?

Your audiologist will organise a time and date for your consult that is convenient for you.
Aside from this, Teleaudiology consults are much like a regular consults! At the start of your consult, your audiologist will have a chat with you about how you’re tracking as well as specific questions to help them work out what changes need to be made.

Following this, your audiologist will make a follow up appointment with you to check up on how you are going.

Do I need any specific equipment for a teleconsult?

For a Teleaudiology consultation: you’ll need your smart phone, plus of course your hearing aids, as well as a good internet connection.

Can I get private health or medicare rebates on Teleaudiology consultations?

Unfortunately, medicare will not cover these Teleaudiology consultations. Health care will also not cover these appointments. The good news is, if you are a government pension patient, or a private patient who has purchased hearing aids through Knox Audiology, there will be no cost for the Teleaudiology consultation based on the conditions of service when you purchased the hearing aids.

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