Beltone Imagine – Beltone’s latest hearing aid on the market!

Oct 5, 2020Hearing Aids

Recently a few of the audiologists at Knox Audiology had the pleasure of attending a virtual launch of Beltone’s latest hearing aid, the Beltone Imagine. Beltone is a hearing aid company available exclusively to private audiology clinics.

This hearing aid is a Receiver in Ear, or RIE style which means part of the hearing aid technology, goes into your ear, and the main unit sits behind your ear. The part that goes into your ear is known as the receiver (receiver-in-ear speaks for itself!). However, with Beltone’s newest device the Imagine hearing aid there has been an upgrade to the receivers, including a new and special receiver called the M&RIE (pronounced Maree). Normally on a RIE style hearing aid there are two microphones that sit on the unit that goes behind your ear, which pick up the sounds around you. With the new M&RIE there is an additional microphone on the part that goes into your ear. This additional microphone allows the wearer to use their own ear and head shape to hear sounds more naturally and to make localising sounds easier! This new microphone is the first of its kind!

The Beltone Imagine hearing aids are available in a rechargeable devices as well as two battery sizes. With the rechargeable option, you have the choice of a standard charger, which requires direct connection to power, or a premium charger, which itself can store power and be used wirelessly.

Beltone also has the ability to stream to your smartphone device, as well as the ability to have remote appointments with your audiologist from the comfort of your home. This can be done in a live appointment online with your audiologist, or you can request a change using the Beltone HearMax app on your smartphone at any time and your audiologist will make the changes for you from the clinic as soon as is convenient to them.

If you are interested in trialling the Beltone Imagine contact us at Knox Audiology today on 9839 3350!

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