If you broke your arm, wouldn’t you go to the Doctor to get a cast? If you are struggling to see, wouldn’t you go to the optometrist? So shouldn’t it follow that if you have a hearing loss you would go to a specialist to improve your hearing?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) approximately one third of people over 65 years of age are affected by hearing loss, however 80% of these adults do not wear hearing aids. Why? Are hearing aids just for ‘old’ people? Will they make you appear less intelligent? Are hearing aids bulky and conspicuous? Is there a lack of understanding from others?

This stigma around hearing aids unfortunately seems greatly out of proportion compared with others such as glasses.

Without a doubt, the initial diagnosis of hearing loss can be shocking. It may make you feel like you have a disability and the mere thought of hearing aids makes you feel old and self-conscious…. Hearing aids can wait another couple of years… right?

But did you know even famous people wear hearing aids? Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Phil Collins, Bono, Price Phillip. Does the fact they wear hearing aids change your opinion of them. I would think not!

Diagnosing hearing loss early and acting upon it can give you much improved quality of life, both individually and socially. You can enjoy all activities in your life whether that be conversing without strain and frustration with the family at gatherings, going to the theatre, socialising with friends and hearing all the jokes or watching your favourite TV program. Your friends and family will be grateful that they don’t have to repeat every word and see you connected and engaged in conversation

No one wants hearing aids but embrace it, be an advocate for yourself! Don’t hide your hearing loss. Let others know you wear hearing aids. Advise them how it works. After all, nothing says ‘I can’t hear you’ like constantly asking for repeats and misinterpreting parts of conversation.

Hearing aid technology is continuously advancing and the hearing aids are becoming more discrete, some of which are virtually invisible. There are many different manufacturers and styles to suit every lifestyle, even bluetooth to connect with your mobile phone, apps to give you control over hearing aid adjustments and even rechargeable batteries. The audiologists at Knox Audiology will be able to discuss what options are best suited to you.

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