Introducing Oticon Real

Hearing Aids

Oticon has introduced its newest hearing aid – Oticon Real. Oticon Real builds on the technology of previous Oticon hearing aid models and addresses some of the common complaints people with hearing loss, using hearing aids, have around interference from sudden noise and wind noises.

Oticon Technology

The approach of Oticon hearing aid technology is to provide sound from all around the hearing aid wearer. The last generation of Oticon technology introduced a deep neural network which uses artificial intelligence for a more natural listening experience. Oticon Real builds on this technology.

What’s new?

Oticon Real has two new key features. The first of these is the wind and handling stabiliser. Wind noise has long been a nuisance to hearing aid users. The noise across the microphones makes it difficult to hear speech in outdoor situations. The wind stabiliser in Oticon Real reduces the wind noise more effectively, while still preserving the speech sounds a hearing aid wearer wants to hear. This same feature also reduces the handling noise of the Oticon Real hearing aids. These are the rustling noises created whenever you touch your hearing aid with your hand, glasses or hat, or brush past it when touching your head. Again, these noises are an annoying distraction to hearing aid users and reducing these allows the wearer to focus on the sounds they wish to hear.

The second new feature is the sudden sound stabiliser. This feature addresses the issue of annoyance that can be created when a sudden sound occurs. Oticon Real quickly adapts the amount of amplification it gives to sudden sounds whether they are soft or loud sounds. This provides the hearing aid wearer with a more natural listening environment.

Styles and Technology levels

Oticon Real comes in three different technology levels. This range of technology levels means it is suitable for a variety of communication needs. At Knox Audiology, our audiologists will work with you to determine your listening needs and guide you as to which level of technology is best for you.

Oticon Real comes in two different styles. One is the receiver-in-the-ear style, where there is a receiver (speaker) that sits in the ear, and this is joined by a thin wire to the main electronics which are behind the ear. It also comes in a style where all the electronics are housed behind the ear. Both styles are available as both rechargeable and disposable battery models. Your audiologist from Knox Audiology will help you work out which model is best for you.

Oticon Real also comes in a variety of colours that can match your hair or skin. They also come in a baby pink colour and a newly introduced olive green.

Are you wondering if Oticon Real is right for you?

Our audiologists at Knox audiology can help determine if Oticon Real hearing aids are right for you. The best way to find out is book an appointment to see your audiologist. We can then do a hearing assessment to evaluate your hearing loss and hearing needs and discuss your options. This also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

For a limited time, Knox Audiology are offering FREE Oticon Real hearing aid trials normally valued at $250. Be quick to secure your trial today! To book an appointment call 9800 5697 or book here.

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