The New Phonak Lumity Slim

Hearing Aids

As the newest product to the Phonak family, Lumity Slim offers users a full range of rechargeable devices which enrich the everyday experience for patients under the philosophy of ‘Well-hearing is Well-being’. Embodying the holistic wellbeing approach, Lumity offers health data tracking through the myPhonak app and improves the quality of sound when streaming media from Bluetooth compatible devices.

The uniquely sleek, contoured, ultra-modern design of this range, paired with the newly released Lumity technology, ensures that no compromises are made when it comes to design and performance. Lumity Slim devices enable wearers to feel confident and empowered to hear well and be seen when and how they choose.

Lumity aims to deliver improved speech understanding, particularly for conversations in challenging listening environments, with the newly developed Phonak SmartSpeech technology. SmartSpeech technology aims to improve speech understanding and reduce listening effort by seamlessly adapting to different listening environments. This is achieved through an artificial intelligence based machine learning mechanism, which provides Lumity with the ability to quickly and accurately identify different sound environments

Speech in Noise

Lumity uses Phonak’s signature beamforming technology to reduce background noise and apply an optimized signal-to-noise ratio to enhance speech sounds in noisy situations. This adaptive technology can result in users experiencing less listening fatigue as less effort is required to listen in noisy environments.

StereoZoom 2.0

StereoZoom is a new microphone feature in the Lumity range of hearing aids. It is a program which helps the devices to adapt their focus power as the level of background noise increases. This delivers a 2.5dB increase in signal to noise ratio for users, which reduces the amount of energy expended when following speech in background noise. This feature can be controlled by users through the myPhonak app.

Waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid

The Phonak Audéo Lumity Life™ device, which is included in the newly released range, is the second generation of the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid. It is safe for wear in up to 50cm, or 19.6 inches of water, relieving any concerns relating to sweat or low-level moisture damage, such as accidentally wearing hearing aids in the shower.

Speech Sensor Technology

An exciting new feature introduced with the Lumity range is the Speech Sensor technology, which enables the hearing aids to detect speech from other directions, as well as the front whilst preserving speech signals. This ensures that wearers can switch their attention between speakers in a group when desired, optimizing the listening experience for speech in quiet and in noise.

Charger Changes

The Lumity Slim hearing aids come with a sleek, compact charger which suitably reflects the hearing aids’ design, providing fast and convenient power with a charging time of just 3 hours.

Lumity Charger

Bluetooth Compatibility

The Lumity line also offers complete Bluetooth compatibility across platforms (Android and iOS) and a capacity of up to 8 device pairings (streaming capacity of 2 devices at one time). Bluetooth connectivity allows for hands-free calls to the hearing aids, as well as TV (using the Phonak TV Connector) and media streaming.

At the advanced and premium levels of the Lumity range, the Tap Control feature allows users to simply tap the top of their device to pick-up and end calls, pause/resume streaming via Bluetooth, amongst other Bluetooth-compatible functions rather than pressing a control button.


Like previous generations of Phonak hearing aids, each pair of devices provide instantaneous synchronization. Manual controls on one device automatically transfer to the second device such that all volume controls and program settings are balanced across the pair.

Tinnitus Balance

Many of us who experience tinnitus tend to also have some degree of hearing loss (approximately 80%). Similarly to previous models, Phonak Lumity offers the Tinnitus Balance feature — an optional and customizable program which, when enabled by an audiologist, will play either white or pink noise at a constant, low-level rate to reduce tinnitus irritation.

Lumity’s Bluetooth compatibility also allows tinnitus maskers to be connected to the hearing aids to stream tinnitus sound therapy discreetly and conveniently when required.

The Lumity product range offers fully rechargeable devices with universal connectivity and health data tracking, all within the accessible and dynamic myPhonak app. Lumity also appeals to those with an active lifestyle, offering both a waterproof and sweatproof outer shell. Prioritizing their ‘Well-hearing is Well-being’ philosophy, Phonak’s latest range of hearing aid devices work to optimize speech understanding with one or multiple speakers for conversations both in quiet and in noisy environments.

At Knox Audiology, we continue to keep up to date with the very latest in hearing aid advancements. We take pride in our team of university qualified and experienced audiologists, who are committed to providing trusted, friendly, and professional hearing services, catering to all your unique hearing needs. Contact us today to find out more about Phonak Lumity Slim, call 03 9800 5697 or contact us online.
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