What’s new in the world of Phonak Hearing Aids?

Sep 30, 2020Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology is rapidly advancing. Phonak has just released a new product range with some new features and improvements! It’s called Paradise – because who doesn’t want a slice of Paradise?! They still have all the same existing features of prior hearing aids which has always given natural sound quality and great speech understanding. So what’s new?

With a range of features which include: speech enhancer, dynamic noise cancellation and motion sensors which gives you more support in everyday listening environments by:

  • Increasing the peaks of soft speech, allowing the ability to better follow conversations in quiet or over distance.
  • Having a balance of speech with comfort in a noisy place.
  • Providing even better speech intelligibility and sound quality whilst walking with a friend.

All of the above lead to reduced listening effort. Whilst brilliant speech understanding is important, don’t forget about how important comfort in those very loud environments with reverberation and loud impulse sounds are – again Phonak paradise will provide you with this comfort.

The new Paradise platform also allows for more Bluetooth connections so there is room for all your devices – android and apple smart phones, tablet, TV, laptop , you name it! The mobile app has been updated to give those who like to be able to adjust settings on their hearing aids, extra options with access to different features.

Let’s not forget that answering phone calls just became a whole lot easier with Phonak Paradise – just a double tap of the hearing aid or ear will answer your incoming phone call. How easy! No more fiddling with small buttons on the back of the hearing aids.

There are still rechargeable and non-rechargeable options available. Rechargeable options still come with the same great, range of chargers and fast charging for rechargeable devices.

If you want to know more about Phonak Paradise, please give Knox Audiology a call on: 9839 3350, or 9800 5697.

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