Wireless microphone systems

You may have seen hearing aid users or children in the classroom using a wireless microphone system or your audiologist may have suggested that you might benefit from one, but what are they and why would you need one?

What is a wireless microphone system?

Wireless microphone systems are two part systems. One piece is the microphone that picks up the voice of the person or people you want to hear. The other piece is worn in your ear so that you can hear the person or people who are speaking into the microphone.

There are two situations that a wireless microphone system would assist with:

1. Listening over distance

This includes lectures, meetings, classrooms or even hearing family members at the opposite end of your house.

Sound decreases in volume as it travels over distance. Having an earpiece to listen to a speaker makes it sound as though they are speaking directly in your ear even though they may be metres away from you.

2. Listening in background noise

Noisy classrooms, restaurants or trying to have a conversation with others in the car.

In noisy places, it can be difficult to filter out background noise and listen to the person you want to listen to. Having a microphone that people can speak into allows you to hear them better when their voice is sent straight to your ear and gives you a bit more control over who you want to listen to.
The most common wireless microphone system is the Roger™ suite of products by Phonak. There are different types of microphones (also called transmitters) with different modes to suit different lifestyles and needs. Some of them are simple microphones, while others can also connect to the TV and electronic devices. The transmitter streams the sound either to a hearing aid, an ear level receiver or a set of headphones.

Some hearing aids with Bluetooth also allow your mobile phone to be used as a wireless microphone and eliminates the need to purchase additional devices. This is dependent on the brand of hearing aid you have and whether it connects to your mobile phone directly for this feature to be used or with an additional device, which may be the case for Android users.
Who would benefit from a wireless microphone system?

Almost anyone can benefit from the use of a wireless microphone system because of the advantages it gives for hearing over distance or in noise. In particular, these systems are recommended to:

  • People with hearing loss who already use hearing aids and are still struggling in background noise,
  • Children with hearing loss or children with normal hearing and auditory processing issues,
  • People with hearing loss in one ear.

For more information:

Speak to your audiologist who may be able to organise a demonstration or trial.

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