The Listening in Spatialized Noise – Sentences Test (LiSN-S) was designed to assess the ability to understand speech when there is background noise present.  This skill is significantly impaired in children with suspected auditory processing disorder (APD).

LiSN-S is a unique diagnostic tool for APD which uses relative measures of performance (advantage measures) to evaluate a child’s ability to hear in noisy situations, such as in the classroom.  An inability to use spatial cues, or “spatial hearing loss”, has been shown to be a leading cause of APD in children.  The Li-SN-S spatial advantage measure has been scientifically proven to be a particularly sensitive indicator of spatial hearing loss.

Knox Audiology provides the LiSN-S to diagnose possible listening problems in children. To find out more or to make an appointment please contact us on 03 9800 5697.

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