Knox Audiology local owner, Helen Campbell who is well known for her passion of keeping people really connected to families and communities and creating “EARS that Give”. Helen was just one of a handful of the several thousand Australian hearing consultants selected to attend an update by the Independent Audiologists Partnership on current hearing technology in Sydney recently.

She met with international and local hearing experts at the intensive 2- day briefing and toured new facilities demonstrating the latest in hearing technology. The experts updated delegates on the fast changing scene in hearing aid development.

“As an example” Ms Campbell said, “It seems like just the other day when we first heard about 3D printers and now many of the parts of a hearing aid are actually made using the 3D printing process. It means that the latest aids can be made to exactly conform to a wearer’s ear to give the best possible hearing assistance.

As a leading member of this elite group of independent practitioners, Ms Campbell’s task is now to help promote these latest advances for better hearing for the benefit of the wider local community here in Melbourne.

“I got some great ideas,” Ms Campbell says “Particularly for people who may be worried about hearing loss and who don’t know where to get the information they need. There are a couple of things that we can now do in that will save them and their families concerns, money and time.”

Ms Campbell is a Director of Knox Audiology in Wantirna, Boronia, Doreen and Kew. Main rooms 03 9800 5697

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